Renovation: Looking like a home

Construction projects seem to drag on forever with seemingly nothing being done, while in reality so many important things are in fact being accomplished- wiring, plumbing, insulation, sheetrock, trim etc.  True our renovation project dragged on longer  (way, way longer) then we had planned due to various crazy contractor and weather problems.  Well now we are at the point when each step is exciting and feels like yes!! it might be a livable house quite soon.
 The floors have been sanded and urethaned.  Theres some places where the flooring was patched that is a shade or 2 different then the original floor, but they will age and darken (at least that's what the floor guy promised-fingers crossed).  The hint of blue tape is not a new design element but where the kitchen island will be after this weekend.
 Usually when I am choosing paint colors I get about a gazillion different samples and put them all up on the wall, debate the hell out of them and then paint and yes, sometimes repaint.  This time I decided to jump right in and take a chance- not sure why.  The painter started upstairs in the hall with Mountainscape, which proved to be not the pale gray I had hoped but more of a very cold white.  So back to the hardware store for Pearl River.... Ta da the perfect shade of gray- just enough to feel light and open but with enough color to stand up to the Sea to Shining Sea blue wall.
p.s when you are trying to find these fab colors-they are all Benjamin Moore.

It's hard to now imagine that fairly recently this space looked like this.....charming isn't it!
Weirdly funny but I only realized I had chosen a similar blue to the original living room color when I went to post this before pic- well let's just call it a homage to the previous owners, jeesh it looks like the exact same color!