Simon Doonan on Style Icons

OK, one of my style icons -in every way the freakin more talented then just about anyone in his pinky finger- Simon Doonan, spoke last night at F.I.T so of course I zipped over to hear him speak style.  I used to live around the corner from Barneys when it was in Chelsea on 7th. ave and my constant ritual was staring agog at his windows.  Humor, style, creative pizazz- they had em all.
Check out the BAG!
So since he can say just about anything better then I can here are a few choice quotes.....

on women, feminism and beauty-
"If you are looking to high fashion for role models you are barking up the wrong tree.  Fashion is a sick world"

"backstage at a fashion show no one has tit's, where as everywhere else woman have tit's"

"sex and food are in the real world but are never allowed in high fashion"

" what happened to feminism.  feminism these days means hairy legs and Birkenstock's- woman couldn't be more fake now-well, women went full circle....congratulations!"

on monarchs and political wives-
"you want your public servants to be frumpy, it's we the public who should be exciting"

"monarch's can never look chic-chic is unfriendly"

on trends-
"trends are like the L.A Basin- they go in the basin and they don't come out"

on fashion-
"Heidi Klum has it all wrong- in fashion you are not either in or out- you can hang on for years"
"fashion is all about self expression, move the goal post!"
A thrilled audience member after Doonan mentioned her cool outfit from the dais.
Look quick and you can spot Simon in this music video from times past.