Renovation- door knobs and thoughts

A big old box of doorknobs just arrived so YES! the doors won't have big gaping holes.
I love the black matteness (hhm a new word) of them, which in person looks way better then this photo does. In a perfect world they would have had better lines but as I have to keep reminding myself this is going to be a rental not our home.  So even more so then when we have designed our own home cost needs to be a consideration.  But man oh man it's hard for us.  At pretty much every turn we have wanted to go for the more interesting (read more $$$) decision and have had to constantly reign ourselves in while still trying to keep the design something we like.
The main place we had to stop ourselves was with the kitchen counter.  I really wanted honed black granite, (actually I would love it in my kitchen as well) It would have been a perfect balance between the white modern cabinets and antique rough sawn wood that we are using for the bar.  But alas we went with a gray laminate from Ikea. It's looks fine, even quite nice but not the WOW I was hoping for.  Well hey, the Ikea was so...shall we say inexpensive (read dirt cheap) that it could easily be replaced down the road.