House Beautiful- Green spaces

The folks at House Beautiful asked me recently to talk about my favorite green spaces featured in the magazine - well all you have to do is look at my blog, styling work, house... to figure out that it was not hard for me to jump all over that.  This freakin crazy amazing lacquered green kitchen by Miles Redd sprang from the pages and was all over me like white on rice!!  Did you catch that perfect lacquered shade, gotta LUV that!
Now honestly I am too much of a change-o-holic to make that much of a commitment, but a trip to the paint store and a few quick changes and I could take that kitchen and make it my own.
My kitchen chairs are already bright green, sooo I could paint the chair rail an intense glossy green or change out the art to something with a huge hit of green hmmm or perhaps the upper wall should be green- that would really make the letters POP!  Decisions, decisions....