How to bring a house back from the dead in less then 485 days and live to tell...

FINALLY!!! a gazillion months after we were supposed to be finished- we are done with the renovation on the rental.  The tenants moved in last week and are thrilled to be there- which makes the many fun, difficult, $$$, long hours and neglect of our kids- months of work worth it...sort of.  But hey the place looks amazing especially when you consider it looked like this when we foolhardily thought "it's perfect, let's buy it" 
 I know you are now thinking what drugs do you partake of!
C'est la vie It was a crazy good experience but now I have a moment to breath and look around our home that's been so neglected during this time... some scary stuff happening around here!
The Mr. is exhausted and needs a break from house fixing but of course I am now frustrated with our place and energized to make changes - a bit of a dangerous combo!!
maybe just a quickie recover of the used to be fab now faded and stained from a bit too much kitty lovin orange chairs.
Well before I embark down that tortured road here are some quick sneak peeks of the renovation finished before we furnished it.  The house is going to be featured in Rue magazine in the March issue shot by the talented Emily Anderson, so you will get to see it in all it's splendifious glory then!