Alameda Flea Finds

I took a quick trip to San Francisco and hell yeah went to the Alameda flea market. 
 Of course the thing I really, really was jonzing for was the chair of my dreams, and there it was sitting calling my name.  Unfortunately the other thing calling my name was saying REALLY! do you need this broken chair enough to ship it across the country.  Of course now that I'm home I am thinking damn I really did "need" it.
I was so busy shopping and feeling sorry for myself that I couldn't get the chair,
that I didn't take any more pics from the flea....lame.
I did get that groovy Juicy Fruit basket that is going on the kiddo's desk.
and... yes a bit more orange, enamel and signage.  Definitly starting to become a problem.


  1. The red bridge is beautiful!Love the red vase!

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