Chartreuse... I have a problem with you, I am OBSESSED!  I came to this realization fully the other day when wearing my chartreuse coat I pulled out my chartreuse business card.  handing it over and watching the face of the person I was handing it too it hit me how far I had fallen!!
My house, coat, logo, cards, but like a lover you know is bad for you but still adore, I just can't cut back.

12. Via Pinterest, let me know if you know the source


  1. Great items in here! The colors are vibrant too.

    Annabella Merlin
    Creative Photo Albums

  2. I love all these items, Raina! Especially that Claire Vivier clutch and the last shot of the door. I can totally understand how you can't resist. Ps- great photoshop skills!

  3. I cant take my eyes off the stiletto. It looks as if its made of eco friendly jute.

  4. Love all these things!So cute!The bag is great and the sandals are perfect!