Diffa Dining by Design

This years DIFFA's Dining By Design was having a DIY moment and I'm all over it.
David Ling made these amazeballs tables and lamps for cheap using corrugated plastic sheets and lighting them from inside.  And those benches... vintage beams laid on top of each other! Man oh man I'm dying for this - I can just see these for an outdoor party, all a glowing at night.  This wins my vote for need to do right now.
Yes Virginia, Slinky's do make the perfect place card holders.  And what about those bottles, zap, some metallic paint and they are yours.  Designlush=delucious.
 Stock up on vinyl shower curtains and this look by Stephanie Goto could be yours, doesn't hurt that they are in my fave green.
Look, yes, look closely... Yowza it's an entire table covered in melted wax!!
So for this one invite a bunch of friends over and let em loose with those cheap drippy candles we all try to avoid.  Rockwell Group scores.
Acres of neon ribbon hung about and wa la we're having Proper Fun.

Or just wrap everything you own in plastic wrap like Slade Architecture and it suddenly looks like sculpture.
I'm thinking this screen by Echo Design would be a great way to hide the neighbors.
If I can convince the Mr. to pull out his jig saw (he's still on hiatus after the renovation) this table by Input Creative could be ours, and takeout boxes... who would have thought!