before and afters

A bunch of you saw the renovation on Apartment Therapy today and although lovin the Rue pics of the renovation have been asking for paired pics of the before and after so here goes...
Ok the front is better but not finished, it needs landscaping, repair and the columns need finishing.
That's starting to happen now that the tenants are happily in and the weather is warmer.
The old kitchen is now an open plan kitchen on the left and the dining area on the right with a washer/ dryer tucked in the closet and new french doors.  The walls are gone, in fact all the downstairs interior walls are finito.
this view...
is now this
and the dining area
 new side entry area with closets on either side
 which replaces this- 
and this
and this hot mess
is now this
meanwhile upstairs
and the smaller bedroom 

is now an office
the master bedroom wasn't totally finished in time for the Rue shoot
but here's an idea of what it's like
 and before...
the unstyled pics are towards the end of construction but not done so excuse missing baseboard, knobs, etc.
styled images Emily Anderson/Rue Magazine


  1. This make-over is amazing, I can't believe how you transformed that place!!

  2. Aren't you sweet, and a much needed friendly face after all the Apartment Therepy comments I got today- man they are a rough bunch!!

  3. Raina, it's amazing! Great job and I know how hard you worked on it. It looks fantastic and your styling is perfect!!!

  4. what an ambitious project, raina! well done, love what you did :)

  5. Swooning over your home ~ you guys did an amazing job. My mom just put an offer in on a major fixer-upper farmhouse and I can't wait to show her what you guys have done. So inspiring! :)

  6. beautiful work, i adore this home! i clicked over from apartment therapy - with the pretty shots from that site, i just knew that i needed to see more on your blog. you did a lovely job - congrats! (and don't listen to the silly AT commenters... they're just envious!)

  7. That was hard work and good work. The ceilings are still problematic- some moulding to cover the cracks and maybe some slight color difference for the joists. The before and after photos in your blog show what you did much better than the AT post.

  8. THANK YOU! So glad I clicked over. YES! they were rough on you, but really I think more on AT and their choices too. it's fun to see all the work and the transformation! but do tell us what happened to that awesome sink and stove!

  9. what dedication! and it's true - this place had great bones! it's nice you were able to make it functional & rent-able. It's tragic that so many places are torn down & replaced with new structures... I understand when the structure of a home is beyond repair... but we (Americans) often "throw-away" before considering the options. Kudos... to you & your husband for tackling such a challenging remodel.

  10. So glad to come over here from AT to see the "big picture"! Thank you for posting the link. It is a beautiful home and an amazing transformation.

  11. hmmmmm....don't know...kinda' liked the before better!?!? lol. FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS job!!

  12. Thanks for putting up more before-after shots. I like the contrast between the white walls and the dark floor, and the yellow front door. I guess for a rental you want a blank canvas, though the super whiteness of everything makes my eyes ache. But thanks for the extra effort.

  13. Anonymous17.4.12

    so simultaneously sweet and sophisticated. very inspiring. thank you for this! congratulations on turning a house into a real home.

  14. Anonymous17.4.12


  15. bridget17.4.12

    It is beautiful, you did an amazing job! I love how it was styled. I would love to see how you handle the bath tub and window next to it. Also it would be amazing to hear how some of the cost broke down seeing that you sticking to a tight budget.

  16. I love evrything about it. Fantastic job!

    Just a quick question....

    Where did you get the shelves and brackets above the kitchen counter (with the #3 sign on them)?

  17. this renovation is amazing!! I can't believe what a wonderful transformation you've done! Your hard work has certainly paid off!!
    Also, did you keep the original flooring on the 2nd level and paint them grey?

  18. Yes because it was a rental we kept things mostly white- we love color (see our own house) so we added the blue wall, yellow lights and exterior doors to keep things lively but in small touches.

  19. The sink is in our barn (along with 3 other cool old sinks) in the hopes of being able to use it on some other project in the future. One of the subs took the stove to fix.
    The flooring on the second floor was just painted over.
    We added dormers as you could not stand up as you came up the stairs or in the tub. We kept the window on the outside but not on the inside. There is now a standard tub/shower with white tile.
    Personally I like the old cracks in the beams and variations in color, considering we had to redo so much I fit kept some of the character of an old house so it didn;t feel so brand spanking new.
    The kitchen shelves are vintage wood and the brackets are just spikes from the hardware store. We had to attach the shelves from the back and sides to secure them as the boards are almost as deep as the spikes.

  20. I know I've given praise before from what I've seen before, Raina, but seeing the whole shebang is just spectacular!!! Love it, love it, LOVE it! :)

    p.s.- And, those Apt. Therapy commenters? Pishaw! They're mostly just a bunch o' Grumpy McGrumpersons.

    1. Thanks sweetie- geesh I had no idea those Apt. Therapy people could be so rough!

  21. Anonymous17.4.12

    Hi. I love the living room rug. I'm thinking it might work with the chartreuse Marmoleum I'm hoping to use in my kitchen remodel. Do you have a manufacturer's name? Thanks. Sharon

  22. Thanks. It's one of the overdyed rugs from ABC Home.

  23. MeowLady17.4.12

    Hey, Raina ... just left a nice comment on AT, and dang -- they WERE rough on you for NO reason I could figure out! I love the place, and I wish I could find fabulous landlords like y'all around here. It is just gorgeous. I'm drooling over everything in there! (And don't let the haters on AT get you down; they bitch about everything!)

  24. Anonymous17.4.12

    I love what you've done - especially the kitchen shelves and the island wood - I've been trying to source wood like that forever, please share details: is it reclaimed lumber that you've stained/refinished? Did you find it straight up like that and where? I'm not in NY anymore, so need some ideas to start looking...I have reclaimed sources but then what...

    And I'm a click thru from AT, crabby bunch those folks.

  25. Yes it is reclaimed that I bought from a local vintage wood source. We just sanded and sealed it.
    I actually wish it was a bit lighter, we thought about pickling or using a light greyish white stain but in the end went wih au natural.

  26. Hi Raina,

    You guys did a fantastic job - and the Rue photographs are styled beautifully (AT folks are a cranky bunch).

    I have a question: what are the exterior colors you used if you don't mind sharing? (The white on clapboards and trim and the yellow on the front door.)


  27. Maria. The exterior white is Ben Moore. It's just a exterior white. The door paint is Hudson Paint Door in 1062 one hundred parties. The line is availbke on line and in limited stores. Check with them in regards to your area. Thanks for reading.

  28. I just left a *positive* comment for you over on AT (wow, yes, rough bunch indeed!), but I'll continue here. I love a fresh remodel!

    I've jumped onto the Hammertown website in search of the couch, but it is a search. Do you still have the style/name?? Although, I'm not sure how available it will be to me in MN.


    1. Dana - Thanks! The couch is the Madison from Lee industries and is slipcovered in tote pewter. I'm sure if you call the store and mention where you saw it that Rhonda can help you.

  29. Great job! I see flipping in your future

    1. Those are scary words lol!

  30. LOVE this renovation! I love seeing how something old and outdated can be so lovingly restored and recharged! Our first farmhouse looked much like this - dark and stained with soot and cat urine! Wonderful, wonderful!

  31. Anonymous19.4.12

    Love this! The kitchen has a nice take on vintage rustic. I would love a source list for your kitchen reno. We are close to a total gut and redo of our 1925 four square, and the look we are are going for is " 1920's TB sanitarium". ;)

    1. The cabinets, sink and countertops are from Ikea. Faucet is Brizo, the tile is from Lowes and the shelving and bar are vintage wood from Hudson wood and was made by my husband. The lights are West Elm. Hope that helps. Hmm I like the 1920's Tb Sanitarium esthetic....

  32. Anonymous21.4.12

    Beautiful! It looks like and airy.

    Would you mind sharing the source for your replacement windows?

    1. Sure, They are Anderson.

    2. Anonymous3.6.12

      the windows are great! im assuming they push out to open. also, are there any screens or high transparency screens? thanks.

    3. We have screens- they weren't up yet in the pictures

  33. It's amazing!You did a great job!The house now is wonderful!

  34. Wow! The opening shot of the "before" house made my heart go pitter patter! Love it. Are the black shutters going back up ? Did the yellow bathroom have carpet ??? Eeww.
    New to your blog and loving it!
    ~ Christie

    1. No carpet- yucky stained linoleum. we are leaving the shutters off- they were in lousy shape and missing some. Thanks!

  35. Love this home. I'm such a sucker for rustic homes, and this is a fun blend of modern meets rural. Was led to your blog via Apartment Therapy - congrats on the recognition! Awesome feature.

    Nook & Sea

  36. Evie8.5.12

    great job love the furnishings should submit to HG network on cable TV

  37. Anonymous12.6.12

    This is the best old funky house to amazing modern b&w and color home I have ever seen! So inspiring. Before seeing the afters, I tried to imagine what they'd look like. I was way off. Thinking beadboard and quilts and cast iron stove for heat and red and lacey curtains, etc etc etc. Such a fantastically wonderful surprise. It goes beyond Shaker (which I love) and far to the left of 'country'. I'm so very inspired. Thanks for creating this wonderful home. I got to this by way of Apartment Therapy. BTW, I never look at the comments any more. Too dumb. :)

  38. Anonymous18.12.13


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