Housing Works, Design on a Dime

It's always a good feeling when your friends have the coolest rooms- a combo feeling of yay they are getting great press and phew you don't have to make up a bunch of nonsense.  So without further ado the standouts from this years Design on a Dime
Kick ass details: layered wood, painted and mirrored wall, oh and duh I have always wanted one of those headdresses.  Tyler Wisler has a crush on skulls the way I have on old signage, hmm those skulls against  Michelle Varians black on black wallpaper are pretty darn incredible...I might just be moving over to the dark side. 
Speaking of the dark side HELLO!!!  So lovin Miles Redd power punch of black and white graphic amazing-ness.  And that pop of blue- perfection.  Does that man know color or what!
 Larry of High Falls Mercantile, darlin what can I say I just want to take the whole room home and hug it, from the sewing patterns on the wall to those fab lamps (and Mylar shades) to the flowers...it's in the details, details, details.

Gottta run... check back later for more rooms.