Room Redo, the Kiddo

Now that I'm done with the rental renovation and have a moment to breathe, I took a look around my abode and Holy S***... what happened!  Actually the problem is nothing happened and this place seems to have fallen apart around me.  Perhaps it's in contrast to the sparkling newness of the renovation, or perhaps it's just really falling apart!!
So some serious work has to happen, mostly reupholstery, paint touch up's and a few furniture replacements.
So step one the kiddo's room, she's been wanting a change for a while and has been super patient.
images John Gruen
Well that was the room looking good for a shoot. It really looks like this these days...
See even I don't live in a fabulously styled way all the time.
Anyhow way too many chatka's everywhere and suddenly the furniture just looks like a big old mess.  Plus kiddo wants a larger desk.
So here's where I'm goin....
1. 2. 3. 4
But UGH! the trouble with kids these days is they have their own opinions - what's with that!
Only kidding (sorta) She has fabulousa taste, in fact the Panton chair was her pic and it's dangerous to take her in Design Within Reach cause she wants things like this
Yes I love it too but a tad pricey eh.  Anyway I digress the only disagreement is the color, she's not sure about painting the walls yellow, or repainting them at all, hmmm. But she loves this desk from CB2, and hey since it's not a gazillion bucks how could I say no?
So that's our jumping off point.  On order the blue desk to go with the Panton chair. Then...
1. repaint the dingy I'm so over the peeling paint cabinet
2. find some way better storage options for the gazillion art supplies
3. find way better jewelry storage options
4. since the cabinet is going where the chalkboard paint is now, new chalkboard/pin board
5. new bedding and maybe a new bed with storage underneath, just a thought
6. convince the kiddo to repaint!!
stay tuned