Housing Works Design on a Dime pt. 2

Though I'm just way to commitment phobic (at least when it comes to wallpaper) to go for it in my own place I love me a wild wallpaper... 
Check this out, pattern, pattern, pattern- so lovin this refreshing mid century space by Maria Gabriela Brito
Another crazy wonderful pattern and color mix by Nick Olsen this time with a great ethnic/ modern/ oriental/ traditional vibe, say that 10 times fast.
No your not having a flashback, yes this is a Ninja Turtle room, brought to you by the Nickelodeon folks.
When I first heard there was a Ninja Turtle room I thought o' lordy that's going to be a pass- but hey surprise it's pretty cool.  And check out the subway sign side table, I could get with that.
A quick detour to say I loved this wallpaper and plate combo and that I walked away with some of those plates from Pappas Mirron
LOVE!! the mural in this room by Top Design season 2 winner Nathan Thomas 
maybe I should rethink the no cable = no reality TV show thing.
Yes, beach balls are just what every room needs.  Just sayin it made me stop back to de la Torre Designs room several times to check it out.
 Wild animal kids world from Tilton Fenwick
ahhh Amanda Nisbet leave it to you to make Barbie the new interior design accessory must have!