Out & About - Brimfield

1. image via CreaShines
Call it Brimstock 2012 -  4 days of peace, rain & shopping & schlepping, & a of course I had a fabulous time!!
I came back with a car stuffed full of goodies for a couple of projects I'm working on, plus various things I like to call "necessary props" but others might call a hoarding problem, yes you know who you are.

In between all those hours and hours of shopping, I know... rough life!  I got to spend some time with some of my fave blogger friends thanks to Gretchen & Cynthia & the whole Brimfield TweetUp group.  Trust me there is nothing like the enabling/shopping when you gather a group of designers in miles of antiques - so thanks (insert sarcasm here) Mat, Tyler, Meagan, Cari, Amy & Tamara.
Ton's of thanks to the sponsers of the TweetUp for making it so fantastic;  Aubuchon Hardware, Benjamin Moore, Robert Allen Design, The Inman Company, Warren BobrowKathryn Markel GalleryCompany C & Style at Home.
Industrial modern is still holding strong as a trend, I also saw skulls, horns & antlers everywhere.  Camping paraphernalia was also in full force.  Not much in the way of modern but this market tends more towards country then Alameda or Rose Bowl.
I'm designing a cottage and fluffing a restaurant for a client on Martha's Vineyard so most of this is going there.  But those 2 metal benches are coming home with me.