Dreaming.... a new bath

image via Remodelista
Today is the start of Blog Tour London and I am of course super excited to have uninterrupted days of design, design talk and design crazed peeps to share all that design with.  But I must admit I'm a bit distracted by several of the sponsors.  You see for several years now I have stared sadly at my bathroom thinking it needs a serious overhaul.  Now I keep looking at the amazingly beautiful fixtures, tiles and hardware (when I should really be madly working) dreaming of say this...
image via Remodelista
and this tub from Victoria & Albert...
 and a dash of this...
Xenon faucet from Samuel Heath
and after a long day of lugging props around I dream of relaxing in a steam shower like this one from Mr. Steam...
Lately I've been mad for indigo's and navy's, so these amazing reclaimed cement tiles from Lapcida are right up my alley.
or these tiles also from Lapcida
Don't you love this limestone sink?
and to finish the whole thing off - these rustic knobs from Du Verre


  1. All of these designs are completely gorgeous. Thank you for the Mr. Steam mention!

  2. That first picture is jaw dropping!