Bloggers, Beds, Bathing & London

We are design bloggers, get us near a bunch of amaze balls bath fixtures & super comfy beds & we loose all sense of decorum!!
The kind people at Samuel Heath, Lapcida, Victoria & Albert, Mr. Steam, Blanco & And So To Bed sponsored our amazing trip to London with Modenus, and in return they had a bunch of insane people invade their showrooms and lose all sanity.  Not only that but we then insisted on photographing every ridiculous thing we did.
& photographing others photographing themselves!
 & yes we did work really hard on Blog Tour.... Really!
until we fell asleep...
So really what's wrong with us- perhaps it's the fact that we would all be over the moon to have any of these amazing pieces in our homes, perhaps we where all punch drunk from so much incredible design, perhaps it was the time zone.  Perhaps we are all just nuts!


  1. Decorum? Decorum? Pah. Although, some manners wouldn't go amiss...

  2. I guess it's a good thing I wasn't there! Although jealous that I wasn't seeing all of you acting like lunatics together. Wait a second... Miss Raina? You didn't make the photo cut in your own post? Hmmmm... very suspicious. ;)

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    1. I'm sorry but I don't think I understand your question?