BlogTour Sponsor...Amtico

As wonderful as websites are ( and I must say I do a lot of my searching and propping these days online) there is nothing like seeing and feeling products in real life.  Amtico is a perfect example of that, I must admit that vinyl flooring doesn't pop in to my head normally when I think of fab flooring.  But seeing the Amtico booth at %100 Design in London changed that.  Yes, I still love wood and stone, but for so many spaces Amtico would be amazing!
Believe me my photo's also don't do it justice and you too ought to go see and touch some in person.  They have the ability to take just about any design and cut it in factory so that the floor pattern arrives ready to install.  
I've designed several coffee bars and wish I had known about their products so that could have created a unique patterned floor.
I especially loved hearing the Amtico designer speaking about her background in textile design and how it inspires the flooring she designs today.
Here's a peek at a cool video taken the day we were there featuring my pal Igor.  See if you can spot me...