Books - latest reads

Spending Frankenstorm eating cupcakes and catching up on my reading.  What are you doing this stormy Monday?
Juan Montoyo's new book La Formentera, is filled with stunning pictures shot by Eric Piasecki of Juan's garden juxtaposed with interiors of his home in Garrison NY. Juan gave Eric free rein to come throughout the year and shoot what caught his eye- and there is plenty! A visual delight.
I am a huge Sibella Court fan so her latest The Life of a Bowerbird has been keeping me busy pouring over the minute details throughout these pages.
I love fabric to use as backdrops, throw over furniture, make pillows and just generally ogle.  Rubelli, A Story of Silk in Venice, is dreamy and makes my desire to go to Venice that much stronger.  Mixed with closeups of the fabrics, interiors, and family snapshots along with a rich text chronicling the history of the family and it's work it's a must read for fabric lovers.
Lately my life has been so busy that knitting, gardening and crafting have definitely been on the back burner.  Meanwhile I can at least get a quick fix and dream while looking at Weekend Handmade.  Beautifully designed and styled shots of simple, quick crafts by Kelly Wilkinson.
And last but not least some inspiration for a new project I'm working on- 
The Life and Work of Luis Barragan
and India Mexico, images by Graciela Iturbride, Raghu Rai and Sebastiao Salgado.