Just back from London and what a fun whirlwind it was! Thanks to Veronika and her amazing team we packed a head spinning amount of design viewing in that I am still trying to process.
After a wretched drive thru flooded roads I arrived at the Virgin lounge - hippest lounge ever - where Jennifer & James greeted me with cocktails in hand.
It kept on getting better, when we arrived at our hotel -  could there be a better hotel for a group of design junkies then a Vitra filled one... I don't think so! Luv the Citizen M, good excuse to check out some of their other hotels, Amsterdam calling!!
 Off we went to dinner via a boat for a sunset ride up the Thames - how very posh.
 and finally complelty exhausted after being up 38 hours straight we headed back to catch some sleep before heading to the shows.  Stay tuned for more and meawhile head over to my Instagram page to see some pics.