Sneak Peek: Mr. Steam shoot

 Here's a few quick sneak peek shots from a recent project I worked on.  I recently met Martha the VP at Mr. Steam on BlogTour London.  Mr. Steam was one of our sponsors and they were so enthusied about Blog Tour that they sent Martha along with us to London.  She and her wife Susan fit in fabulously and immedialty became known as the Mrs Steams.  Fast forward to arriving back home and I was hired to style the set for a new product launch.  It soon became clear that we couldn't find an existing location that suited the needs we had for both video and still photography.  So with very little time I jumped in, designed and produced a full bathroom set - tile, shower, tub, lighting, fixtures, vanity - you name it!  Huge kudos to the amazing Nikole Nelson who built the set to perfection, in the middle of Super Storm Sandy no less, in record time.
So here's a quick social media connection pitch- met Martha on BlogTour London, met Nikole thru The Brinson's who I met thru Twitter. Found the art for the shoot from Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, who I met when she was one of the sponsors of the Brimfield Tweetup.  Found the Stunning tub whislt in the Victoria & Albert showroom during- yes -  Blog Tour London where they also sponsored us. So what are you wating for?
Here's Martha lending photographer Steven Krause a hand during the shoot.
The final shot makes this Long Island City location in November look like Simone is in the country on a warm sunny day, and this model like he is happily sunning on some warm rocks. Nothing like the magic of photogtraphy.