New House

Well here we go down the rabbit hole of renovation again!!  I told you I had a big project in the works and I meant it.  But this time instead of renovating for other people we are moving in - hooray!
My darling husband owned the house we now live in before I met him.  True it was quite a construction site at the time and together we slowly put it together.  But we have dreamed of making a house together from scratch together since we met.  Somehow life, work, kids, money, exhausten, indecision all got in the way from doing it earlier.  We have swung between building a modern house from scratch, renovating a ranch-ish house into something modern to another old house.  In fact this summer we had a pretty solid design for a modern place and were close to going in that direction.
In fact after the last renovation my husband swore he would never renovate an old house again... careful what you say!
Anyway after looking at countless places of all shapes, sizes and styles and all but giving up a friend alerted us to the fact that this house was coming on the market.  One look and somehow all of our previous thoughts went out the window and we knew this was it.  Yes it needs a ton of work inside, yet it is solid and beautiful outside.  It has a great yard with gorgeous gardens and a barn big enough for real prop storage for me and a work shop for my husband.  No longer tools and props crammed in piles in our barely able to stand up basement.  But what sold us completely was the fact that our younger daughters best friend lives across the street and both girls can walk to school, music and acting lessons.
My husband and I travel constantly for work and this makes all of our lives so much easier.

So here we go, another 150 year old house in need of some serious loving, pretty much nothing has been done to it in many years - which is both good and bad...
 The current kitchen
 and the room that will be our kitchen.
My future office
I know the barn looks a little worse for wear but we have big dreams for it.
So wish us luck, keep your fingers crossed we stay sane throughout this crazy process and stay tuned for plenty of pics!