Books... Eric Cohler's Cohler on Design

Thumbing through Eric Cohler's new monograph the first thing that struck me was the ART!  So often in homes designed by designers what's missing is the lusciousness that comes from the objects that make a house a "home".  Books that are actually read, family objects and art.  I love a bit of white space as much as the next person but that doesn't mean big blank walls everywhere.
Cohler clearly loves art and it is everywhere in his work.  Adding depth, color and a sense of an interesting life beyond the space.
 He's not afraid of rich, bold color or large scale pattern.
Here it's the animal print stool that adds just enough to the otherwise monochromatic space.
Notice the details in this image, how the pattern of the wallpaper plays against the table top, which then relates to the detail on the hand plate- making seemingly casual display so much deeper.  This is a rich, layered book that I will continue to refer to, discovering new details each time.
images from Cohler on Design