New House... framing

Now the the framing is up we can really get a sense of the space, for better or worse. Mostly better, luckily. I shot a few videos over at Vine to give you a sense of the space
We removed the wall between the old kitchen and dining room to make for a new larger living room.  The walls of the old kitchen are going to be filled with french doors leading out to the garden and letting tons of light into a previously dark space.
So often in houses the nicest view is shut off from the house.  This was the case here.  The previous owners were avid gardeners and over the years had planted a variety of specimen tree's and perennial borders throughout the property.  What was neglected was the fact that you could barely see any of it from the house.  In the new plan there will be views from both the living room and kitchen.
This view is coming up the stairs.  This used to be a oddly chopped up space and we simply took out the bends and widened the hall to make it have more generous proportions.
 The opposite side had a wall cutting the window off from the hall, and making an odd closet with a window off the bedroom.  It also left the hall a dark pit.  The rail will continue around, replacing the 2x4's and making a cozy reading nook.
Here's the our bedroom with raised ceiling and hall wall taken out.  This room will now have a walk in closet where the hall was.