Renovation... lighting

In our current house we did an extensive renovation, but we did all of the work ourselves at a VERY slow pace.  So we had plenty of time to live with things and make decisions.  In the rental renovation we moved faster but it was small and usually pretty easy to decide as there were usually just one or two possibilities that made sense.  This time around we are actually having pro's do much of the work and are trying to move at a quick pace so as to be able to move in by summer. Therefore everything has to be decided pretty quickly.  That leaves me having to decide on lighting right away!
I have a few lights that I love and am bringing from our current house such as the Random Light and my yet unmade Lindsey Adelman light, in addition to various vintage fixtures I've collected over the years.  Some places such as the entry hall I know I need a ceiling fixture, so can just decide placement without knowing what the actual light will be.
But then there are the places where I need to know what the lights are going to be - or at least close,  to be able to properly wire.
Over the kitchen island and in the living room are the two most difficult places to decide.
Over the island we could have one large light or multiple smaller lights.  
I came across One Forty Three thanks to Anna at Door Sixteen and want everyone of their lights.  
And I have been lusting after this Workstead chandelier for ages...
 Remodelista featured this mercury glass light from Jamie Young at Y Lighing, affordable and a nice bit of glam.   Multiples of these over the island would look great.
 Or these from Token
I already own the silver Garland light by Tord Boontje and then saw these at the NY Gift Show, perhaps I can DIY mine into something similar... desicions, desicions.  What are your dream lights?
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