So we are moving along at a fast pace and have already gutted the entire house.  Basicially there are only 2 orignial interior walls left.  This despite the fact that after the last renovation we swore ( or at least my husband did) that we would never take on such a major renovation again.
Nothing wrong with this photo - it just shows the amount of dust flying around for days during and after the tear down.  The outside of the house looked like Pigpen from Charlie Brown.
We managed to fill 3 large dumpsters with the debris.  Meanwhile we confirmed that there was not a single bit of insulation in the house. We pulled up the new oak strip flooring that was in 1/2 of the downstairs to reveal the old pine floors.  The oak will go into the barn apartment to finish the living room floor which is currently painted plywood.  Beacause the house has low ceilings we are going to leave the beams exposed like we did in the previos renovation.  We saved the old doors and are going to strip them of years of paint and reuse them.