Books... Designers Abroad

Michele Keith's new book Designers Abroad landed in my mailbox at just the right time.  I am so sick of this winter and lately spend way too much time dreaming about travel to just about anywhere as long as the sun is shining.
This book is filled with the overwhelming feeling of sun and relaxation in it's gloriously designed homes from Alexandra Angle's simple Novia Scotia retreat, William Brockschmidt's Sicilian cave to Clodagh's Irish cowshed. 
If I could have any home in this book Lucien Rees Roberts stone Croatian house would be it.  I am crazy about the mix of rustic old stone walls, and modern, spare furnishings.
Brockschmidt's modern take on Sicilian baroque ornamentation surrounds the doors in his hillside Italian home.
 Fawn Galli's warm modern Spanish home with it's mix of Danish Modern, flea market finds along side family heirlooms.
 Courtney and Robert Novogratz's Brazilian getaway
Crisp lines and bright colors reflect the astounding Novia Scotia view's in Angle's family getaway.
So grab a cup of tea along with this book, find a sunny corner and dream yourself away on vacation.