Diffa Dining By Design part 2

Here's a few more of the DIFFA Dining by Design tables that stuck out in my mind.
Marimekko could do just about anything and I would love it, the mix of patterns is great as always.
Love, love, love this wild perspective piece by Ali Tayar with Alejandro Cabrera
Dark and mysterious and so haunting - in a good way.
 New York School of Interior Design with Marc Blackwell
There is always one really creative piece at the exhibit that stands out for most creative use of materials.  Last year it was Slade Architecture's pieces wrapped in plastic and this year the Tyvec clouds blew (no pun intended) me away.  Parsons with 2Michaels
It's hard to really see in this picture but these are curved leather walls with studs in this boom by Rottet Studio LLC & Morgans Hotel Group
Lucite chandelier from the space by the students at the  Fashion Institute of Technology with Jes Gordon
Thom Filica's room with the NYDC strayed from the typical dining room, and instead Thom wanted a great space to lounge and have a party in.  This space rocked it- after a few minutes standing near it Thom and a bunch of us ended up lounging and chatting comfortably as if it was his living room- trust me Thom knows how to throw a party.
p.s check out those brushed brass sconces Thom designed and rope detail ceiling.