DIFFA Dining By Design

I always look forward to DIFFA's Dining by Design event. Not only is the kickoff dinner filled with all my favorite design peeps ( & celeb's such as Cyndi Lauper) but the inspiration I get from the various tables is incredible. This is one of the best fundraisers, the cause is so important and it brings out the best in the design industry. I was thrilled to see Isabel and Ruben Toledo honored for their incredible contribution over the years, I'm so bummed I didn;t snap a pic of her amazing dress. 
David Stark's tables for Benjamin Moore are always at the top of my list ( as is anything David designs)
Wall of Chocolate kisses by Gensler for Herman Miller
Rachel Laxer Interiors with Robert Kuo created a fairy tale setting with beautiful detailing.
Eric Warner's garden party for Aesthete ltd. 
Ingenious - a NYC water tank to eat in by Federico Delrosso
Butterfly's and Bugs adorn the Echo Design table
 look closely... this table by the New York University students mentored by David Rockwell and Barry Richards is made from wire hangers.