Great reads...Gather and Cereal magazines

I recently came across two new print magazines that got my styling juices super excited.
Gather Journal's second issue is full of lush moody food pictures along with crave inducing recipes.  Co founded by Michele Outland former design director at Domino and writer Fiorella Valdesolo and filled with top notch talent such as Ngoc Minh Ngo, Roland Bello, Kim Ficaro and Gentl & Hyers, each photo is so exquisite that it's sure to turn anyone reading it into a confirmed foodie.
Theo Vamvounakis, Maggie Ruggero and Marcus Nilsson's ode to  photographer Laura Letinsky

Cereal ( because who doesn't love cereal! ) a treat from UK editor's Rosa Park, Richard Aslan and designer Rich Stapleton is a mix of food, travel and people that catch the editors fancy.  From new Nordic cuisine to traveling in Ravello, Italy,  each subject is delved into in depth along side beautiful imagery.

1, 5. Bill Phelps 2, 3, 4.  Joseph De Leo 6. Marcus Nilsson  7,11. Samantha Goh 
8. Line Klein 9, 12. Rich Stapleton