Leslie Williamson's Handcrafted Europe Kickstarter

One of my all time favorite interiors books is Leslie Williamson's Handcrafted Modern.  She catches the homes of many of the icons of Mid Century design with an intimacy that makes you feel as if you visited the home yourself.  In my travels I have gotten to see several of the homes in person including Russel Wright's home in Garrison, Walter Gropius's Massachusetts's home and the iconic Eames home in California.  But for the homes I haven't seen, or now never will be able to such as Eva Zeisel's Leslie's portraits are there to pour over in detail.  For those of you that have missed it, she is in process of finishing a new book Handcrafted Modern Europe.  This is an expensive project with a great amount of travel and to help fund it she has a Kickstarter project.  But hurry- she is in the last hours.