Renovation... windows going in

Careful what you wish for, one of the main things we were looking for in a new house was one filled with sunlight.  Our current house has some very bright spaces but mostly tends toward the darker.
So of course we fell in love with this house but it had even less light.
We decided to forge ahead anyway and remedy the situation by installing more and larger windows where possible.  It was a hard decision for me as I loved the old divided light windows with wonky glass.  But since the cold air also blew in like crazy through them, in the end it wasn't such a hard decision.
Here's the front of the house with the new windows starting to go in.  The second door to the left will become a window as well.
Framing for the french doors
   The nook off the living room (the old kitchen) with the windows- the perfect reading spot.

The new kitchen with the windows and french doors framed in. to the left of the doors will be cabinets, clearly we just like blowing as many holes in the walls as possible.
Ok- I have no idea why that board is there, but trust me it will not stay there.
 We are adding windows along this side- not as many as it appears in this picture with all the siding missing.  Hopefully by the time I get from vacation this side will be filled with the new windows.