Renovation...The big garden move

One of the main things that made me love the new house was the garden.  The house is on a 1 acre village lot and the previous owners created a beautiful garden that makes the property feel much larger and quite private.  At least that's how it felt in the fall when we first saw it and everything was fully leafed out.  Once the winter hit the property def felt more exposed to the neighbors.  I'm not sure we would have bought it if we saw it in the winter.  
These photo's show the view into the neighbors yard, not at all bad but more then I would like.
In our current home I took an overgrown lot with heaps of garbage - the house had been abandoned for years and the neighbors used it as a dumping ground - and created a lush, private garden. 
We tore down a burned out building leaving the fireplace for chilly summer nights.  We hauled stone creating walls, walkways and a patio.  The garden flourished despite heavy clay soil, which we amended with truckloads of soil. Somehow at the time it didn't seem like hard work, but now I look at the pictures and how much we changed the land and I'm like...Holy Crap!
Before - a stunner isn't it!
When we got married we registered for plants with Wayside Gardens.   Some people (those non-gardener types) kept asking us what we really wanted, but our gardening friends thought it was great and not only ordered plants but brought cuttings from their gardens.  Bob would fill his little truck nightly on his way home from work with soil from a local farm and we spent our evenings unloading it, romantic, huh! 
The 20 ft lilacs that now block out the street started as 2 ft cuttings from my cousin's garden. The hedges and tree's we received make the neighbors house disappear.
This time I am starting from a much better place, great garden bones, rich, dark soil and a well thought out layout. Still I would like to fill in some of the spots that become exposed in the winter and create a hedge border along the east side.
Our current garden needs quite a bit of maintenance and we are going to rent out the house when we move so I need to lessen the upkeep.  So now that spring is here I'm going to start digging and hauling plants over. I've spent the last few months deciding which borders to eliminate and what plants to move, marking them as I go.  So in a mix of emotions, sad to see the old garden go, and excited to start over again here I go.