Rachel Ashwell...The Ranch

As Brimfield Flea Market time nears I find my flea market heart racing... what wonders will I find, for the new house, for clients, for props.  I've been busy lately and missed quite a few good markets which makes me even more excited about "the big one".  One flea market I've always wanted to go to but never had a chance is Round Top in Texas.  I recently had dinner with Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame and heard all about her Round Top experiences.  Rachel is so enamoured of it she even bought a nearby ranch dating back to the 1800's  she calls The Prairie, now that's commitment!  She has decorated it in her signature style and opened it as a B&B. So now my dream extends to include evenings after a full day of flea shopping spent with cocktails and fireflies at her ranch... 
If you can't make it to Texas soon look for Rachel's new book this fall Couture Prairie, melding her pastel, feminine style with the roughness of the ranch.
images via Rachel Ashwell