Renovation... before the drywall

So sorry I haven't posted many pics of the inside of the house lately.  This is the long, slow, boring part of the renovation at least visually.  It's also the most difficult as it's the part when most of the decisions are made.  The layout of the kitchen and bathrooms, what kind of lighting and where it's going to go, along with stereo and TV placement decisions.  It's hard to look at this raw space sometimes and envision all of the details.  We have had MANY discussions about the kitchen which ended up in some last minute changes being made - more to come on that.  We passed our electrical inspection (phew!) and today the final insulation will be blown in and then on to drywall.. That's the point where people come in and declare... you finally made some progress, but really the last 5 months have been the most progress.  My husband who has been doing most of the electric and plumbing is beyond burned out and will luckily get a bit of a break while the insulation and drywall are done by someone else.  Hopefully that means we are going to have a few minutes of breathing time to design the final kitchen details for the cabinetry.
This is the new kitchen ( well at least the space).  The tape on the floor is us figuring out where the island will go and how big it will be.  Trust me, lay it out in the space, it's different than on paper!!
Some day those french doors will lead out to a screen porch where we will be relaxing with cocktails, the struggles of the renovation long forgotten - hopefully.
This is the living room opened up.  Remember there was a wall and stairs in the middle?  Now it's one big glorious open living/ dining space.  The nook to the right is the old teensy, funky kitchen.  We decided at the last minute to add another window at the end of the living room, but that's on order and will go in later.  Some day we will have a fireplace next to it and the door will widen and lead into the new improved mudroom entry, someday....
This is our bedroom and the view we will see from our bed with my super, duper walk in closet to the left.  You can see from the various floor colors where the wall used to be.
 Meanwhile THE BIG GARDEN MOVE has been progressing and everything that has been moved so far is happily growing away, despite the fact that I am moving them at the wrong time and often in bloom.  Amazingly enough the lilacs kept blooming away.  Water, Water, Water and it seems to work.  The plant move has been made more difficult because I am having a photo shoot at the currrent house mid June and need parts of the garden at the house to still look good.  It sounded like a good idea back in March, but now the house is in chaos and I'm starting to think I was nuts.  Anyway I moved the plants in area's where I wasn't going to shoot and then as soon as the shoot is over there will be a huge push to move the rest.  Not sure how well those plants will fare this year as it will be so hot and they will be at their largest.   C'est la vie.