Renovation...yet more lighting thoughts

I always thought I was a decisive person, and when it comes to picking pieces out for shoots I have no problem making decisions. But somehow when it comes to lighting decisions for the new house I am overwhelmed. There are my absolute dream fixtures, sadly some of which are out of my budget like Lyndsey Adelman's BB Fixture, and then there is just a huge sea of choices.
For the upstairs hall any of these would work quite well.  Most likely we will end up using the white Schoolhouse Electric shade. The ceiling is low and we need several running down the space so the simpler the better- Phew that one was easy and affordable.

I'm not even sure if I am going to use sconces in the living room but these are tugging at me, saying use me, use me.... note to self stop listening to the voices in your head when they are urging you to buy yet more things you aren't sure where to use.  On the other hand do listen to them when they suggest buying yet another handbag.
As you could see from my High Point finds that I am over the moon craaazy about brass lately.  But is this a passing flirtation that I will soon tire of and long for my darling silver tones... hmm one wonders?
But the newly brassed Bestlite is pretty wow.
The Waterworks fixture is so fab but at $1,300 per fixture not doable. I have been lusting after the Tse & Tse porcelain clip on forever ( I'm sure I must have blogged about it before) I just can't ever figure out where to use it.  
My biggest debate is in the kitchen.  I want to put in several sconces over the kitchen sink, but it's the island that has my knickers in a twist. It's a smallish kitchen, with a smallish island so nothing to over sized or visual bulky will work.  It also should be a fixture, or two that throws out a lot of light as it will be the main source in the room. So many of my dream lights won't work. I also keep heading back to brass - but how will that mix with the stainless in the kitchen appliances?

I'm not even sure what I would do with these below, I just love them. Once again most of the ceilings are quite low so a larger fixture doesn't make sense except the bedrooms for which I'm bringing fixtures we already own.  The Lindsey Adelman pendents could kinda maybe work over the island, but in reality I don't think will throw off enough light.  The basket weave shade from Bodie and Fou is going to be pricey to ship from France. I did see something similar at ABC Home, but again - not enough light and perhaps to visually big for the island.  The brass light makes absoulety no sense....I just LOVE it!