Valspar, Pantone and a bunch of flea markets

A quick (and long) day at Brimfield and some great finds...stay tuned
And yet another flea this time with Pantone and Valspar...
The array of bright and beautiful colors in the new Pantone for Valspar line at Lowes.
Yes, Pantone, the leading color authority has teamed up with Valspar and Lowes to create a line of gorgeous paints.  Not only are the colors spot on but the paint goes on beautifully as I found out after spending 2 days along with a few editors and bloggers at the Color With Confidence event.  The first day we spent learning about the paint, painting tips and meeting with Designers Elaine Griffin and Nannette Lepore and hearing from renown color expert Leatrice Eiseman.
Picking up paint tips from Jill, cause even a serial re painter like me can learn a few tips. 
So here's a few tips for painting:
Always use high quality brushes and rollers, load your roller with way more paint then you would think ( I am def guilty of skimping here), a good paint roller is washable and reusable, use that handy dandy tool they always give you at the paint store not a screwdriver (again guilty), use the "W" technique like Jill is doing above and then fill in after, Always use a canvas drop cloth, it absorbs the paint quickly - the painter doing work at our new place didn't and now I have a huge mess on the floor to clean up!!
Put cellophane over the top of the paint before replacing the lid it keeps the paint fresh - yes! no more basement of dried up paint and use a roller scraper to remove excess paint from the roller.
The second day they let us loose at the flea with money in our pockets to burn we loaded up the goodies in a truck.  If only all of my flea days were like this.  We each found pieces that we loved but could make that much better with a bit of color.  I found 3 wooden crates that I thought would make cute shelves for my daughters collections.
And here are the boxes after she filled them.
 Because a girl can never have enough flea's in one day I stopped in at the 26th street flea market before heading to the Hell's Kitchen Flea with Pantone.
and bought this for the new house-
And just because we're talking about color and flea markets, how about this freaking gorgeous fabric from Timorous Beasties?  Wowza I would love to recover something in this!
event photo's Edelman 


  1. Raina, just checking in here to say that i loved your piece over on Decor8 about your Brimfield finds!!

  2. A fantastic article, you can't beat a good flea market :)

  3. Interior painting with all those colors things will look great. Flea markets are fun. Love the accessories.

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