Books... David Stark's The Art of the Party

I have been meaning to write about David Stark's new book the Art of the Party for ages now. Somehow work and the renovation plus packing a gazillion years worth of things kept getting in the way.  That in no way diminishes how wonderful David's latest book is.
For those lucky few who have party's designed by David and his crew it is truly a work of art, with every detail down to the smallest imaginatively executed.
Can you imagine this spectacular wedding, from the hand drawn invites to the musicial tree house to the tipped can with overflowing peonies leading the way.
The book takes readers along more then 15 various events ranging from corprate clients such as Target and Bernjamin Moore to private never seen celebrations highlighting the thoughtful details from the elaborate to the simplest vase of daisies.
David takes the simplest of materials, bottles, rope and fresh produce to create an artful tablescape.
 Hopefully you were able to seee his pop up shop at Haus last year filled with specially designed pieces all relating to wood - it was a treat to the eyes.
all images Susan Montagna