Kitchen plans

My husband is an architect with years of experience designing homes with beautiful well laid out kitchens, plus after 3 renovations I felt quite qualified as well. So when it came time to design our own kitchen we jumped in with the various magazine clippings we had saved over the years and came up with what we thought was a great plan.
We need lot's of dish storage since I have multiple sets of dishes, bowls, vases and glasses. Being a prop stylist plus general pottery addict I have collected a lot!
I knew I wanted an island and one large wall cabinet but not a lot of wall cabinets on the other walls to keep the kitchen feeling as open as possible.
We came up with a plan and framed the space.  
Just after it was framed I showed the plans to my friend, kitchen designer Susan Serra.  I have always admired her Scandinavian aesthetic and was looking forward to her input.
 What I wasn't expecting was her dismay at the design. She right away pointed out that we didn't have enough space around the island to comfortably sit as well as walk around.  Susan also felt that the triangle we had worked out between the fridge, stove and sink was too far apart, especially the fridge from the stove. She also reminded us to keep in mind the space that counter top overhangs and cabinet doors eat up.
Susan sent over various floor plans to consider while we also came up with some on our own.  In several of Susan's plans she suggested getting rid of the island to add more area for traffic flow.  Although she had a valid point I felt strongly that I wanted an island. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen with multiple cooks, doing homework and entertaining and I missed having a central space in our current kitchen.
After much discussion as to what was absolutely important to us and what we could do without, we came up with a final plan. This meant swapping where the stove and large wall cabinet were going to go.  Tearing out a wall and relocating it a few inches back, stealing the room from the 1/2 bath and pantry.  I had wanted to see the wall of closed cabinets as you came in from the front door, but let it go as I realized it was causing so many other space issues. Mostly we'll use the back door anyway so in the end it seemed not so important. Also with the new stove placement I can look out the french doors to the right.
Even the most basic kitchen can easily cost gobs of money and despite the fact that we are both seasoned design and renovation pro's we so easily could have ended up with a poorly functioning kitchen, it just goes to show you that no matter how much of a do it your-selfer you are ( We are super crazy in that department!).
As your Jewish bubby would say, "it wouldn't hurt to talk to a pro darling."