OK now I am completely overwhelmed!  Have you ever tried to design and shop for a kitchen??
Yes, I have had my dream kitchen in my head for years as I've cooked in our current kitchen.
And now I'm trying to include (sometimes cram) all of my kitchen hopes and dreams into the space we have in the new house.  The reality is pretty much anything we do will be a gazillion times better then the tiny kitchen that was there, and quite a bit better then what we have had all these years in our current house.  But still, all those dreams are hard to let go of.
The space is a pretty good size but of course with space it's never enough.  And then there are the appliances... a costly decision.
So as we speak my husband is wrapping up the electric and plumbing and I am agonizing over final placements.
There are so quite a few appliances I would love to be able to use.  For years I have dreamed of a warming drawer, and after the last several years with a constantly in need of repair Kitchen Aid diswhasher I would love a really good one that actually cleans the dishes.  Since the kitchen is quite open to the dining and living space the dishwasher needs to be super quiet
as well.  Bosch recently introduced the 800 plus and at 38 dBA is the quietest available.  It also has a thrid rack that until recently was only avaible in higher end models and adds 30% more loading area, perfect for party's.

  I am a huge baker and although I would only use a gas range for cooking I dream of an electric oven for perfect baking.  Miele has recently introduced a steam oven which is definitly on my wish list.  As if that wasn't enough the pieces are avaible in a glass white finish.  As much as I have loved stainless appliances I am definitely ready for a change and the Brilliant White series is the perfect antidote bridging the gap between the styles of the rustic house with more modern, clean lined kitchen of my dreams.
 Blanco's Precision bowl sink with it's large, deep capacity and simple design is also on my wish list.  I'm thinking their Acclaim faucet below in a nickel finish would top it off perfectly.  Now if only I could stop torturing myself about the lighting...

Images 1. jj Locations  2.  Bo Bedre 3,4. Bosch 5,6. Miele 7,8. Blanco