Renovation....where we are at

 We did it - we finally after months of hard work we wrapped up the plumbing, heating ducts and wiring, all of the important behind the scenes work that takes FOREVER!  And then so fast that it seemed like a dream we have all of the walls dry walled and primed. And with that bit of work the house seems like a home.  There are so many stages that make the space feel different, When you first open everything up it feels huge, then it's insulated and it feels small and dark - a bit claustophobic.  Then the dry wall goes up and it feels larger and lighter again and finally when it's painted even lighter and like you imagined it long ago.
This crazy space will some day (fingers crossed soon!) be our master bathroom complete with Mr. Steam shower...Yay!
Yes there will be a complete railing.
Kitchen view
The debris
We debated adding this window, not sure if we needed the wall space and if it it left us feeling to exposed to the main door entry door we will be using.  We framed for it just in case and at the last minute (literally) decided to add it.  I'm so glad we did, we now have windows on all 4 sides of the living/dining room and the light is beautiful.  One of the things we struggled with in this house was light.  The house has low ceilings throughout much of it and orgianlly didn't feel a part of the nice parts of the yard and gardens.  Also the mudroom entry takes up much of the south facing side of the living room.  I still have mixed feelings about the mudroom taking up that area but, we desperatly need the space.  Down the road we plan on redoing the mudroom and are planning on adding windows and opeing up the space between it and the living room a bit.  That should also bring more light in.