Renovation...saying goodbye, packing it up

After months of hard work on the renovation plus months of packing ( who knew we had so much stuff?? ) we are finally moving in to the new house -
  along with one very nervous dog.

Granted it's not the quite the fantasy I had of every detail finished and me just walking in with a bouquet of flowers to place in a vase... seriously what drugs was I on!!
I have never moved into a finished place including as a kid.  But somehow in some crazy moment I  thought this would be different.  In many ways it's still farther then our current house was when I we moved in: no heat on the second or 3rd floor and often none on the first, missing drywall and trim in most of the house, a garbage dump in the back yard and a burnt out building in the side yard ( no kidding ), spotty, working electricity, 2 sorta livable spaces downstairs and then a dash upstairs ( in the cold) to the one barely functioning bathroom and a temporary kitchen ( oh wait we are doing that one again ).
This time the trim is  95% done, the walls are all drywalled and at least primed ( truth disclaimer - there are a few missing spots in the bathrooms ), we have heat everwhere - Yay!!, doors on some of the rooms and sanded and finished floors.
Our to do list is still quite long:
1. We have plywood for part of the banister, but thanks to some good luck and salvage shop trolling I found the exact match to the banister to finish it out.
2. We still have to finish stripping the rest of the interior doors and hang them.
3. Put knobs on the doors we do have installed.
4. Finish the 2 remaining bathrooms.
5. Finish the one functioning bathroom, it needs tile on the floor and walls, vanity counter, light fixtures, and towel hooks.
6. THE KITCHEN- cabinetry, pantry shelves, countertops, lighting, dishwasher and good appliances. We moved our old stove ( along with it's problems ) and have a funky temporary fridge, no dishwasher as of yet unless you count the cranky kids.
7. Lighting fixtures for about 3/4 of the house unless you count bare bulbs in plastic sockets.
8. PAINT both the interior and the exterior.
I'm sure I am forgetting a few more important things as well, these lists do tend to seem ever growing!

But... before we can get to all of that we have some last minute -  before winter comes - un fun, yet super important things to finish.  Namely the basement. It gets quite a bit of moisture down there so this past weekend my super human husband, single handely demo'ed the concrete floor and hauled it out. Next we plan on laying plastic and pouring a new concrete slab.  Sounds like fun eh.
The other before winter crisis is hauling everything out of the 1st floor of the barn ( trust me it's a ton ) and insulating the ceiling.  When we moved we hurled everything we didn't have room for in the house  and as yet unusable basement plus all of my props, husbands tools etc into the barn.  Now we need to take it temprarily out to insulate the ceiling to keep the second floor apt. from freezing.

But trust me as overwhelmed as we all feel at the moment we couldn't be happier.  The house in even it's unfinished state feels like home and none of us are looking back.  So stay tuned for more pics