Schoolhouse Electric

I was going to write this post as a roundup of great black and white objects I've been seeing. But then Schoolhouse Electric came out with their new pieces and since I love ALL of it ( yes mostly in black, white and brass ) I couldn't help but make it all about them.  Schoolhouse has been a great resource for lighting for quite a while, in fact I ordered several for our new place. In the last few years they have also become a fab source for a perfectly curated selection of furniture and home accessories.
 How great is this Issac brass pendant! I was debating it for the kitchen island, not sure if it will be enough light, but damn, I love it! Sadly our ceilings are on the old house low side so a bunch of really cool pendants just won't work.
How about this version of the Issac for over the counter or by our bed? That brass/ black combo is tugging at me. Be sure to check out the floor lamp version as well.
 Love the Great Jones lamp in both the floor and table version.
The Caprice lamp is all cleaned lined and elegant with just enough reto-ness.
 I have been looking for the perfect sideboard and I think I found it - the Pullman Credenza also comes in all wood tones but my fave is this combo with just enough storage for the endless pottery collection ( very important ) and drawers for candles, napkins and placemats.
 What a great bench, all clean lined and modern with that bold check.
Then throw in to the mix the Herringbone rug and Wire Framed waste basket
with a splash of Rorschach art 
and this brass pencil holder for the perfect office space.
So here's the problem with being in the design industry and looking at endless amounts of really cool stuff- you want to change your furniture, lights, accessories on a regular basis.  Yes not very do-able but I can dream...