Books... Martyn Thompson's Working Space

I'm a huge fan of Martyn Thompson's work and especially his previous book Interiors, so my interest was definitely peaked when I heard he had a new book on work spaces. 
Thompson's work focuses not on the traditional interiors you would expect to see.  Instead he shoots the unexpected showing us a different take on interior photography.
Working Spaces throws the traditional artfully designed work spaces out the window and instead shows real spaces where a variety of artists, writers, dancers and performance artists create.
It never hides the debris and messy detritus of creation and instead celebrates it.
From thoughtful (and necessary) moments such as a cup of half drunk coffee to products in their finishing stages.
The iconic Ted Muehling candlesticks being shot at E.R Butler.
Photographer Cindy Sherman's colorful studio.
French ceramicist Annabel Adie's organic pieces. In the book Martyn talks about arriving in Paris with only a phone number of a friend of a friend and no idea of who he was going to shoot.  These are the beautiful results.
Stacks of resin bracelet's from Australia's Dinosaur Designs