High Point Market... Natuzzi

I'm on my way to High Point Fall Market until Tuesday to soak up all the new and exciting furniure and home accessories coming your way soon. So before I start inundating you with tons of pictures here and on instagram, twitter, FB and Pinterest I wanted to share with you an exciting new launch happening today.
The Italian company Natuzzi known for their sleek furniture has spent months developing the worlds first performance recliner and trust me it's beautiful as only the Italians can do. YES I said recliner and beautiful in the same sentence! It's called the performance recliner precisely because that is what it does. It's been designed, like a human to be in constant movement. The Re-vive chair moves as the person sitting in it moves. The chair adjusts to the positions we find ourselves resting in for absolute comfort.
Check out a sneak peek  here. This is not yo daddy's t-shirt and beer kind of recliner - this is a sleek Armani evening gown, glass of champagne and hot guy kind of sit back and recline kind of chair.

I will share lot's of pictures of the chair after tonight but for now take a glimpse of some of the other pieces in the line.
 I'm usually not  leather couch kind of girl, but this number manages to look comfy and groovy all at the same time.
 What do you think? - such a cool 70's cool vibe. 
 I'm a sucker for this table, lot's of places to stash the ton of magazines, books and objects that always seem to land on my coffee table yet still have room for a cocktail, all the while looking this great.
A perfect bubble lamp to sit by that groovin chair.
I imagine this in my fantasy Italian apartment dining room, a place to casually toss out bowls of amazing pasta and wine for my everflowing round of guests. 

So come join me in my Italian fantasy life, or if not at least if you are in High Point this week please stop by the Natuzzi showroom to get a glimpse and take the chair for a spin, and maybe a nap. And if you are there on Saturday come to the launch for the Re-Vive debut, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and an arial performance by Cirque de Vol from 7-10 pm. Click here to RSVP This should be an evening you don't want to miss.

My trip to High Point Market was graciously sponsored by Natuzzi.