Books... Remodelista

It's here... the book I have been waiting ages to come out as we forge ahead in our renovation.
Remodelista has been my go to site for inspiration and resources for both this house and the previous renovation. It's often the first thing I look at in the morning as I try to remember why we took on another renovation project, after swearing on our kids lives that we would never do it again! Perhaps I think, if I look at some more inspiring pictures of amazing spaces, I will gain enough energy to go full speed ahead and get this sucker done! So far it seems to be working, perhaps to well... since I keep dreaming of building a modern cabin next. Shhh don't tell the Mr. that freaks him out.
I seem not to be the only one who feels this way about Remodelista. Check out Julianne Moore's ( yes- that Julianne Moore ) kitchen above.  Besides being a freakin amaze balls actress she is a crazy re modeler/ decorating fiend as well.  Hmmm so is it something like 6 degrees of separation between me and Julianne? Perhaps she's scrolling through the latest roundup of cool lights at the same time as I am. And doesn't that make us like besties or something?
The book starts with 12 houses ( including several from Remodelista editors ) and discusses details and decisions made. It also includes a popular feature on the blog "Steal This Look" within each house chapter. The houses vary in style yet all follow the clean, simple aesthetic Remodelisat is known for. It features house's across the spectrum from high end to a cool Ikea kitchen that looks anything but.
The book focuses mostly on kitchens and baths, but then aren't those the most difficult and expensive spaces to remodel?
The book moves on to the Remodelista 100 - the editors all time fave objects. Most of these will already be familiar to the readers of the blog, but even so it's handy to have them all together. And then the nuts and bolts section -remodeling reality! This section delves into costs- agh!! Along with tips on where to spend big and where to save.  After multiple renovations under my belt I would say that this section is well edited and full of important information for anyone even thinking of a small renovation.  
And then as if that wasn't enough the book finishes up with a fabulous source list for everything from stone sources, wallpaper to furniture and accessories.