High Point Market… everything old is new again

Mid Century inspired style is thankfully alive and well still at High Point.  From the lighting at Aerin for Circa 
Streamlined chrome and leather chair from Lee Industries.

Brass and needlepoint inspired ottoman by Taylor Burke Home.
And over at Century they found their own vintage pieces out in the market, bought them up and sold them to a few lucky buyers.
These pieces were far more exciting then anything else Century had to offer and were sold immediately. If I was one of the folks at the company I would reissue the designs pronto. 
Check out these crazy good handle details -
These Natuzzi loungers have a super cool 70's Austin Powers vibe and are sooo comfy. After a long week at market I was ready for a long nap in one.

 This was the first time I was at market and had time to spend at the antique vendors.  There I saw some really fab pieces, bought a few bits and wish I had been able to buy more.

This is one of the coolest seats ever! The 2 cushioned parts slide back and forth on the platform.
Love this little guy.
Over at Bobo I saw a gazillion cool pieces in their 3 floor warehouse - this baby above is the piece I most wanted to bring home.

At  214 Modern Vintage fellow Hudson Valley-ier's Hilary and Steven from Tandem Antiques gathered an amazingly cool group of vintage dealers from across the country to show their wares. 
The crazy good lights were to die for!
A perfect Scandinavian black and white set- I only wish there was more of them.
At F.J. Kashanian Rug Dealers I fell hard for this sari silk rug, I spent the rest of the show stalking it but sadly came home without it - still dreaming about it….
You may remember a few years back the NY Times showed a home with a John Derian couch that the homeowner let her children cover in graffiti. There was a crazy, huge ruckus all over the Internet about the supposed horror of doing that to an expensive couch.  Well now you can buy that look
at Cisco with it's new furniture line with graffiti embellished couches, chairs and pillows.
Personally I loved the look when I first saw it in the Times and feel the same way now. Perhaps that's the answer to my no longer white couch cover.