Cedar and Moss Lighting

I must admit I am a bit lighting obsessed these days. At this point in the renovation we have about half the lighting in place, but there are a few key places such as the kitchen that I'm stuck on. This weekend I spent (wasted) 5 hours trolling ebay, etsy and a gazillion other sources in search of something that would work. So finding the new lighting company Cedar and Moss definitely made my day.

 After 10 years at Schoolhouse Electric designer Michelle Steinback, while furnishing her Eichler home found a lack of great affordable mid century lighting. Rather then settle she designed her own line and set up shop.
 Check out this Lindsay Adelman inspired sconce. After having the parts kicking around for a year I finally made and installed my Adelman "You Make It" to go over the dining table. Now I'm thinking I need to rip a hole in the wall, install some electric and hang the Branch sconce along side the credenza, or perhaps in our yet very unfinished bathroom.
 The lights come in brushed brass, matte black with a few in polished nickel.
 Check out the Flint 1 sconce below… simple, industrial and $29 bucks - can't beat that! In fact the whole line is crazy affordable with the most expensive fixture at $235. After almost a year of renovation and with still more to go (like all the fun stuff, painting, tiling, lighting and kitchen cabinets) Cedar and Moss's debut couldn't be more welcome!