Out & About… NY Now


I'm a bit behind and just trying to catch up. I did a quick run thru NY Now a few weeks back and found a few cool new things. Overall I can't say I was wowed by the show, but then maybe I'm on cool stuff overload. Mostly I was looking for some very specific things for upcoming shoots. Some I found, some not. 


I keep feeling like I should be sick of live edge pieces but then again I was drawn to this table.
It's huge and pretty cool. It would make a great statement piece, like in my dining room…
I'm on the search for a dining room table to replace my old Ikea one, perhaps this one would work or maybe the endless search continues. def. feeling major indecision on this one.
And I like the detailing on the steel base, simple yet elegant.
Also from Roost this wood and brass bookshelf was pretty fab. Another piece I could see living with.

Clearly brass is still going strong and despite it's influx in the european market copper is just eaking in here in the States. I would love to see more of it. What do you think?