Behind the Scenes… propping

I'm often asked where do I find all the cool stuff I bring to shoots. Any stylist has multiple sources they call on depending on the needs of the shoot. An important part of my job is the relationships I have with the makers and shops I frequent. Another important source are prop shops. There are a number of them all with different stylistic viewpoints.
Lost and Found has a large selection of mid century pottery and vintage furniture alongside quirky unusual pieces. There are drawers of old sewing patterns, rocks and shells, books arranged by color and interesting textured surfaces to shoot against.
Most have an array of items arranged by color, here's just a portion of the green dish selection.  Often when planning a shoot I hit several different prop houses weighing the various pieces at hand until I have a unified look and feel. It's only then that I make my final selection.
So keep your eyes open and perhaps you'll see some of these props in future shoots, I've been dying to use that blue platter for ages...