Books… The Inspired Home, Nests of Creatives

In a perfect bit of design tri fecta…stylist Kim Ficaro, designer Todd Nickey and photographer Ditte Isager have joined together to explore the homes of cool creative homeowners across the continents. In their new book The Inspired Home, Nests of Creatives they set out to share the homes of people whom they admire.

In doing so they left a light hand to the homes, choosing not to style but instead leave them as found with the full imprint of the stylish flock. These are the abodes of creative directors, artists, designers and stylist's along with Isager's Dutch country home.
There is a pure delicacy in both the places chosen, as well as Isager's images that allows the viewer to  sit back, breathe deeply and be transported.
In following with the "nest" theme the book is divided up into sections titled with bird names. Thus John Derian's NY apartment is in the section aptly titled Bowerbirds. To further drive home the theme each chapter opens with Ficaro's beautifully styled still life's.
This is a book I will turn to again and again, for inspiration and as a place to stop, relax and take a visual vacation.
images Ditte Isager