Renovation… a slow update

This piece is in answer to the art director I was working with recently who exclaimed "your house must be absolutely beautiful" and as a contrast to the perfectly styled shot's in the Bright Bazaar book of my last home.  No I don't live in absolute perfection, even when not living amongst construction. We have 2 teenage daughters, a dog and cat and a busy life. Most of the time there are books, papers, backpacks and often props being moved in and out between jobs - in other words the normal chaos of life.

These shot's were in a rare clean moment but not styled. When we moved into this house last August I basically threw a few things around and got on with life… meaning work and ongoing construction. Yes I have dreams of upholstering and replacing furniture, a new dining table and rugs. But mostly right now I want to finish the bathrooms and kitchen, build bookcases for the heaps of books we all have and paint. 
We have started to fill all the nail holes on the trim but haven't managed to finish the job and get to actually painting it. There are various swatches of Farrow and Ball's  paint colors through out the house and cans of paint sitting in the living room but that's as far as we have gotten.
These are what we narrowed down from for the living room. The wall behind the couch in the nook will be Pitch Blue and the rest of the walls will be Pavilion Gray and all against a bright white trim.
In our last house the intense color came from the walls, with the furnishings for the most part in white and black. In this house I am going for mostly neutral walls and thinking of bringing the hits of color in through the furnishings.
And then there's the kitchen!! I have hesitated putting pictures up of it for ages now as it is so far from anything I am proud of. We have temporary plywood counter tops that I covered with oilcloth just so they were easy to clean and no cabinets other then some old pieces of shelving we threw in to temporarily store food and dishes. Yes there will be beautiful appliances - right now other then the new Miele dishwasher we have an old funky fridge and stove. The lighting is also temporary and we will have an island…. the list goes on and on.
 Meanwhile I collect endless ideas here and plan what it will look like when done. As much as I would have liked to move in and have the kitchen finished there is something to be said for waiting. In actually using the kitchen we have fine tuned the layout and the feel of the space. I'm loving the mix of wood and white with a gray stone or white marble counter and although I love the look of plywood cabinet faces I'm not sure it will look right with the wood floors. 

In the upstairs hall I envision some fab wallpaper on the wall going on the right side from 1st to 2nd floor and Farrow and Ball's Dimpse on the rest of the walls. Again the chair needs upholstering but I have been holding off until I decide on the wallpaper. The railing is going to be painted in Farrow and Ball's Railings (quite fitting) and again the artwork was thrown up quickly and will change. So basically the only thing that's done is the Schoolhouse Electric Alabax lights which don't show up well in this shot but look great.
But to put this in perspective here is what it looked like before -
So there - I've ripped the band aid of perfection off now I just need to get painting!